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    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 056, No. 45 (Apr. 8, 1932)'

    • 'Vol. 56, No. 45'
    • 1932-04-08
    • Scholarship Honors Go to Women for Semester; Spencer Awarded Yale Fellowship; Stan Stanley to Play for Annual Senior Ball; Les Politiques to Meet as Committee at Mock Convention; Cincinnati Welfare Director to Speak; Education Trends Discussed by...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 058, No. 40 (Mar. 12, 1935)'

    • 'Vol. 58, No. 40'
    • 1935-03-12
    • There's Always Juliet Stars New York Players; Local Students Visit Legislature; Student Press Club Gives First Dinner; Greek Play to be Presented by Honoraries; Cottrell Plans Tour to Russia
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 059, No. 31 (Feb. 4, 1936)'

    • 'Vol. 59, No. 31'
    • 1936-02-04
    • 'Staff Changes Announced by President; Physicist, Grad of 1928 Isolates Lithium Isotope to Produce Worlds Lightest Known Solid; Krzycki, Labor Leader, Speaks On Wednesday; NYA Students Take Charge of Classics at Hamilton YMCA; Prof. Abegglen Writes...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 059, No. 41 (Mar. 10, 1936)'

    • 'Vol. 59, No. 41'
    • 1936-03-10
    • 'Circus to be Theme of Carnival; Kirby Page, Social Minister, Recommends Revolutionary Changes in Economic Order; Member of Youth Movement Speaks to Delta Phi Alpha; Inquiring Reporter Finds Students Favor Continuance of News Forum; High Schools to...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 060, No. 02 (Sept. 18, 1936)'

    • 'Vol. 60, No. 2'
    • 1936-09-18
    • 'Major Part Of '36 Class Now Placed; McIntyre's Syndicate Column To Run In The Miami Student; Highest Award Granted To 17 Deans Report; Artists Course Committee Signs Famed Hugh Walpole, Josef Iturbi Richard Crooks For Series Here'
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 060, No. 03 (Sept. 22, 1936)'

    • 'Vol. 60, No. 3'
    • 1936-09-22
    • Pres. A.H. Upham Visits Anniversary Celebration at Harvard University; Students to Present Skits Over Station WLW This Fall; Padded Covers Novel Feature for Yearbook; Wickenden to Aid Pacifist Campaign; Nearly 100 Try Out for Annual Red Cap Revue
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 060, No. 07 (Oct. 6, 1936)'

    • 'Vol. 60, No. 7'
    • 1936-10-06
    • 'Record Sale for Recensio Closes Drive; Sure I Saw Mr. Roosevelt, He Sat Right in Front of Me; Teachers to Meet at Miami Saturday; Football Rally To Be Staged Next Thursday; S A E Plaque by Fink Tree is Dedicated'
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 060, No. 39 (Mar. 2, 1937)'

    • 'Vol. 60, No. 39'
    • 1937-03-02
    • 'Galbraith, Blaisdell Speak on All-Student Program at News Comment Series; United Press Agency Covers World for University Paper; Mortar Board to Honor 20; Quake Shocks Shake Oxford; Ted Shawn, Paralysis Victim, Now Marvel of Coordination'
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 060, No. 40 (Mar. 5, 1937)'

    • 'Vol. 60, No. 40'
    • 1937-03-05
    • 'Leonard Freeman Chosen Chairman of Senior Ball to be Held on April 23; Summer Sessions to Begin August 2, June 21, This Year; Ex-Mayor to Speak On News Program; Independents Plan Collegiate Entertainment; Cleveland Alumni to Honor Group on...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 061, No. 06 (Oct. 1, 1937)'

    • 'Vol. 61, No. 6'
    • 1937-10-01
    • 'Christianity Associations to Assemble; Graduating Class Largest in History; Ohio Scholastic Heads to Hold Banquet Here; Bill Postlewaite, Elinor Hall Name Captains of Chest Drive; Freshmen Give Fourth Annual Revue Tonight'
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 062, No. 59 (May 16, 1939)'

    • 'Vol. 62, No. 59'
    • 1939-05-16
    • Delta Tau Delta Wins First Place In Fraternity Sing on Library Steps Saturday; W. House Appointed Editor of Publications; Modification Plan Accepted By 14 Ohio High Schools; University's Large Building Program Advances Steadily
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 065, No. 09 (Oct. 17, 1939)'

    • 'Vol. 65, No. 9'
    • 1939-10-17
    • William Klein Approved as Hop Chairman; Prof. E. H. Hopkins Holds Graduate Vocational Survey; Dean J. W. Clokey to Give Lecture Thursday Morning; Robert Frost to Speak Here October 26; President Upham Launches Fifteenth Annual Chest Fund Drive at...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 065, No. 11 (Oct. 24, 1939)'

    • 'Vol. 65, No. 11'
    • 1939-10-24
    • 'Student Killed, Six Hurt in Accidents During Weekend; Dr. D.H. Tippett Speaks at University Vespers; Pres. Upham to Present Lecture at Assembly in Benton Hall Thursday; Glamour Boy In 'Home Ec' to Pursue Studies, Not Girls; Betas Romp, Delts...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 065, No. 14 (Nov. 7, 1939)'

    • 'Vol. 65, No. 14'
    • 1939-11-07
    • 'New Plaques to Be Placed in Benton Hall; Oxford Citizens Elect New Mayor, Council At Polls; Thomas Bryant Chosen Chairman of Annual Junior Prom To Be Held February 21 in Withrow Court; What A Life! Ancient Regulations Declare Ten Hours A Day For...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 065, No. 19 (Nov. 22, 1939)'

    • 'Vol. 65, No. 19'
    • 1939-11-22
    • 'Famous Social Scientist to Give Lectures; Nine Senior Redskins to Play Last Game Thanksgiving Day; Don Beattie to Lead Band Next Season; Short Skirts, Bright Bonnets Featured By Stylish Co-eds; Variety of Winter Athletic Activities Offered to...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 065, No. 20 (Dec. 1, 1939)'

    • 'Vol. 65, No. 20'
    • 1939-12-01
    • 'Foreign Student to Choose War or Loss of Citizenship; Noted Violinist to be Initial Series Artist; Assembly Speaker Discusses People in Old, New India; Baccalaureate Ceremonies to be June 10; No Place Like America Says Hindu Speaker at Assembly'
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 065, No. 28 (Jan. 9, 1940)'

    • 'Vol. 65, No. 28'
    • 1940-01-09
    • 'Lew Sarett to Read Poems for Second Performance of University Artist Series; YWCA Cabinet Gather to Hear Mrs. D. Baldwin; Audrey Bahlman Selected as Owls' Warbler, Sunday; Dr. Wickenden Appointed;'
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 065, No. 29 (Jan. 12, 1940)'

    • 'Vol. 65, No. 29'
    • 1940-01-12
    • 'Education Association Elects Dean Ashbaugh as President; Mr. A.F. Conrad Shows Canadian Snow Scenes; Mr. D.T. Niles to Lecture at Benton Hall; Dr. Vilhjalmur Stefansson to Talk On, New Frontiers, at Social Thought Lecture; Stephen Stuntz Chosen...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 065, No. 30 (Jan. 30, 1940)'

    • 'Vol. 65, No. 30'
    • 1940-01-30
    • 'Mr. P.E. Malone Leaves University for Washington; Dean Ernest Ashbaugh Receives Notification of Educational Positions; Dr. E.M. Cox Lectures; Pres. A.H. Upham, Dr. Eliot Porter to Talk at Westminster Dinner; Mr. C.R. Niswonger Helps Revise Text on...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 065, No. 33 (Feb. 9, 1940)'

    • 'Vol. 65, No. 33'
    • 1940-02-09
    • Stuart Chase to Talk Here on Economics; Dr. Van Tassel to Give Talk on Matrimony; University Ranks High in Number of Students Sent to Medical School; Treatise by Mr. Mattox Published by Magazine; Mr. George W. Thatcher Takes Over New Position as...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 065, No. 34 (Feb. 13, 1940)'

    • 'Vol. 65, No. 34'
    • 1940-02-13
    • Student Faculty Approves Wepman as Ball Chairman; Dean J.W. Clokey Composes Song for Broadcast; Mitchell Darling to Talk at Assembly Thursday; Dean Emerson to Speak; Dr. Stefansson Donates Three Books to Library;
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 065, No. 36 (Feb. 20, 1940)'

    • 'Vol. 65, No. 36'
    • 1940-02-20
    • Dr. R.W. Bishop to Talk on Values of Activities at Meeting of YMCA; Dr. Sandage Gives Third Marriage Talk; Hamilton Judge Hears Indictment of H. O. Williams; Mr. J.W. Fichter Speaks; Mr. J. Olcutt Sanders to Talk to Peace Group; Mr. J.A. Russo...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 065, No. 37 (Feb. 23, 1940)'

    • 'Vol. 65, No. 37'
    • 1940-02-23
    • Dr. E. Patten to Present Marriage Talk; Robert C. McMillan to Direct Chorus at Fraternity Ball; U.S. Official to Give Talk in Benton Hall; Williams Put on Probation of Four Years; Fifth Annual All Sports Day Draws Over 600 to Withrow Court...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 065, No. 38 (Mar. 1, 1940)'

    • 'Vol. 65, No. 38'
    • 1940-03-01
    • John C. Thomas to Give Program Here March 16; Beatrice Werner Leads Art Tour in McGuffey for Appreciation Group; Dr. C. Wilzbach to Give Fifth Marriage Talk; Mr. P. D. Jordan Writes Book on Noted Historian; Journal Prints Article by Dr. F.C....
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 065, No. 41 (Mar. 12, 1940)'

    • 'Vol. 65, No. 41'
    • 1940-03-12
    • Dr. C.C. Smith to Give Talk in Benton Hall; Dora M. Lyon to Give Solos Over Radio; Dr. Wilzbach Gives Sixth Marriage Talk; Record Number of Students to Compete in Sectional Music Festival Here This Weekend; Religious Counselor to Speak at Assembly...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 066, No. 05 (Oct. 1, 1940)'

    • 'Vol. 66, No. 5'
    • 1940-10-01
    • 'Cabinet Head Choose Noggle, White To Lead Teams In 1940 University Chest Fund Drive; Dean J.W. Clokey Arranges Series Of Local Concerts; Ruth Hughey Given Lead In Fall Play; Ches Wahle Signed For First Varsity; Dr. Patton To Give Freshman Lecture;...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 066, No. 06 (Oct. 4, 1940)'

    • 'Vol. 66, No. 6'
    • 1940-10-04
    • 'Blood-Thirsty Redskins Go To Delaware For Encounter With Battling Bishopmen; President Upham Advises Student Audience Thursday; Miami Chest Asks $6850 In Drive, Committee Sets Goal At Initial Meeting; Deans To Finish Workshop Report; Faculty...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 066, No. 24 (Dec. 10, 1940)'

    • 'Vol. 66, No. 24'
    • 1940-12-10
    • Dr. C.G. Wrenn to Be Speaker at Assembly; Betty Anne Schiewetz Cast as Lead in Mid-Year Play; Cuyahoga Club Elects Jones New President; Majority of Business School Graduates Find Employment; Phi Lambda Sigma to be Installed by National Group;
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 066, No. 27 (Dec. 20, 1940)'

    • 'Vol. 66, No. 27'
    • 1940-12-20
    • 'Five Veterans to Take Floor Against Miami; Archeologist to be Speaker at Assembly; 'I Like Japan,' Says Jim Hall Traveling from Job to Job; Library Displays Exhibit of Books by Hamlin Garland; Midnight Explosion Remains Unsolved by Puzzled...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 066, No. 28 (Jan. 10, 1941)'

    • 'Vol. 66, No. 28'
    • 1941-01-10
    • 'Council Elects Robert Lake Ball Chairman; Mr W.K. Jones Elected Head of Association; Water Colors, Photographs by Mr. G.R. Hoxie Now on Display at Dayton Art Institute; Budget Message From President Upham; Alumni to Return as Guest Speakers of...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 066, No. 30 (Jan. 17, 1941)'

    • 'Vol. 66, No. 30'
    • 1941-01-17
    • Gene Krupa Contracted by Junior Prom Head; Council Deadlocked on Vote of 'The Miami Student' Policy'; CAA Boosts Flying Quota by One-Half; New Plan Adopted by Senate; President Asks Students to Report Draft Ratings;
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 066, No. 31 (Jan. 21, 1941)'

    • 'Vol. 66, No. 31'
    • 1941-01-21
    • Unknown Group Circulates Petition Asking Wilton's Resignation; Money For University Buildings Sought by Bricker; Mr. R. Nuckles to be Speech Staff Addition; Students Pass CPT Physical Examinations; Havighurst Writes Saga of Modern Sea Warfare;
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 066, No. 33 (Feb. 7, 1941)'

    • 'Vol. 66, No. 33'
    • 1941-02-07
    • 'Col. Roscoe Turner, Thompson Air Winner to be Main Speaker to Varsity Athletes; Dr. H. Thurman to be Speaker at Vespers; Draft Registrants to be Reclassified; Dr. J.W. Heckert Speaks at Dinner of Kappa Delta Pi; Alumni Organizations to Honor Alma...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 066, No. 34 (Feb. 11, 1941)'

    • 'Vol. 66, No. 34'
    • 1941-02-11
    • University's 11 Fraternities Pledge 225 Freshman as Rush Week Ends; Dick Liming Chosen Head of Y Group; AMI to Begin Semester Drive for Membership Wednesday; Col. Roscoe Turner to Speak Tonight at Tribe M Dinner; CPT Fills Training Quota for Second...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 066, No. 35 (Feb. 14, 1941)'

    • 'Vol. 66, No. 35'
    • 1941-02-14
    • 'Jack Boyd Selected As Senior Ball Chairman; Fisk Speakers To Compete In Assembly; Executive Committee Sanctions President's Athletic Reorganization Plan; Elect Evans, Heck To S-F Council'
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 066, No. 36 (Feb. 18, 1941)'

    • 'Vol. 66, No. 36'
    • 1941-02-18
    • Curricula Expansion Planned; Dr. Clyde Fisher To Lecture Tomorrow; Three To Compete For Fisk Prizes In Assembly Final; Beta Theta Pi Tower To Be Only Colonial Campanile In U.S.; Marriage Economics Discussed By Dr. Sandage In Third Lecture; Carson...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 066, No. 37 (Feb. 21, 1941)'

    • 'Vol. 66, No. 37'
    • 1941-02-21
    • 'Dean Minnich To Be Guest Of Teachers' Association; Fisk Contest Prize Won By Koscany; Two Professors To Present Talks At Atlantic City; Katherine Parker To Meet With YM, YW, Church Groups; McMillan To Conduct Ball Chorus'


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