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    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 013, No. 04 (Jan., 1894)'

    • 'Vol. 13, No. 4'
    • 1894-01
    • 'Visit from the Finance Committee of the State Legislature; Recensio to be Published; The Dialectic Club; President Thompson Comments on Students Misconduct During Religious Services; Mr. C.T. Rankin; Lecture by O.T. Corson, State School...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 022, No. 01 (Oct., 1902)'

    • 'Vol. 22, No. 1'
    • 1902-10
    • Greeting; A Word of Greeting from the President and Deans of the College; The State Normal at Miami University; President Benton; The Students Best Preparation for the Legal Profession; A Plea for Football; The Religious Life at Miami University;...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 043, No. 17 (Feb. 6, 1919)'

    • 'Vol. 43, No. 17'
    • 1919-02-06
    • Cabaret Stunt Makes Big Hit With Audience; Miami Wins And Loses On First Up-State Trip; Big Contest Will Decide Who's Who; Huge Men's Mixer to Follow Game; Mt. Union Quintet is Next Attraction on Home Schedule
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 052, No. 32 (Feb. 18, 1928)'

    • 'Vol. 52, No. 32'
    • 1928-02-18
    • Miampus To Appear On Miami Campus Today When Copies Will Be Distributed; Last Of Varsity Dances Will Be Held Saturday; President Alfred H. Upham Speaks On Past Growth And Ideals Of Miami Over Radio
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 052, No. 35 (Feb. 29, 1928)'

    • 'Vol. 52, No. 35'
    • 1928-02-29
    • 'Students To Take Chance Of Trip Abroad For Year; Students Represent Miami At Wittenberg College Conference; Culture, Religion Topic of Address By Dr. E. Mims; Orchestra To Give Varied Program In Auditorium March 2; Course In Retail Merchandising ...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 052, No. 41 (Mar. 20, 1928)'

    • 'Vol. 52, No. 41'
    • 1928-03-20
    • Miampus Material Must Be In March 26; Art Craft Guild Booker To Visit Miami Campus; Scholarship Day Scheduled To Be Thursday Chapel; Cincinnati Girls Glee Club Take First Intercollegiate Sing
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 052, No. 43 (Mar. 27, 1928)'

    • 'Vol. 52, No. 43'
    • 1928-03-27
    • 'Sibyl Evans Chosen To Lead Young Women's Christian Association By Monday Vote; Mac Wisecup, Junior Science College, Ends Life Saturday Night During Family Absence; April 14 Is Date For Earlham View; Sophomore Women Win Perennial Indoor Meet In Gym...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 052, No. 54 (May 15, 1928)'

    • 'Vol. 52, No. 54'
    • 1928-05-15
    • 'Miami Student Judged Second Best In Contest Of College Publications; Blue Key To Be Established Here, Honorary Society; Violinist Presented In Vesper Recital In Honor Of Mothers; Dean Clark Give Opinion Of Male Sex'
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 052, No. 55 (May 18, 1928)'

    • 'Vol. 52, No. 55'
    • 1928-05-18
    • 'Dr. Alexander Meiklejohn To Talk About ''The Experimental College'' In Benton Monday; Y. M. Elects C. H. Handschin President Of Executive Board; Girls' Track Team Is Selected For Meet May 26; Professor Gates Selects Cast of Graduation Play'
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 053, No. 08 (Oct. 23, 1928)'

    • 'Vol. 53, No. 8'
    • 1928-10-23
    • 'Dr. Klein Speaks at Opening of New Business School; A.H. Upham Inaugurated Saturday as Fourteenth President of Miami U; Work on Recensio Moving Steadily; Bicycles, Toonerville Trolleys, Tea Houses and Ale Bars Greet Bill Ross' Songsters; Smart...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 053, No. 11 (Nov. 02, 1928)'

    • 'Vol. 53, No. 11'
    • 1928-11-02
    • 'Fitzgerald Speaks at Republican Rally in Benton Hall Wed.; Daily Event Prize Set up by Dr. Todd; Lyceum Opens Tonight with Doris Niles and Her Ballet; Singers to Give Concerts Telling of European Trip; Ohio U., Miami Resume Grid Relations Saturday...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 053, No. 17 (Nov. 23, 1928)'

    • 'Vol. 53, No. 17'
    • 1928-11-23
    • Miami to Receive Burkhardt Trophy; Mrs. Richards Tells of Her Own Experiences in Africa at Chapel; Bill Ross Presents a Musical Revue; Big Red Preparing for Cincinnati Classic in All Departments of Game
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 053, No. 33 (Feb. 22, 1929)'

    • 'Vol. 53, No. 33'
    • 1929-02-22
    • 'Junior Prom Attendance Breaks Previous Records, Four-hundred-fifty Attend; Wisconsin Latin Prof. To Lecture Tomorrow; Miami Chess Team To Engage Faculty In Dual Match Tuesday; Botanical Club To Hear Chicago Prof.'
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 053, No. 34 (Feb. 26, 1929)'

    • 'Vol. 53, No. 34'
    • 1929-02-26
    • 'Miamian Elected To Vice-Presidency Of Mid-West Conference At Cincinnati; Prof. A. L. Gates To Present His Musical Comedy; Miami Debate Team To Meet O. Wesleyan Men In Forensic Contest; Whoopee! Freed Morrison Wins In ''Student'' Guessing Contest;...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 053, No. 35 (Mar. 1, 1929)'

    • 'Vol. 53, No. 35'
    • 1929-03-01
    • 'Miami Negative Debaters To Meet Ohio Wesleyan In Benton At 800 Tonight; Miami Professor Speaks At Meeting of Toledo Women; Herbert Hoover Famous When Only Six Years Out Of College; Theologian Talks On ''Life At Its Best'' At Thurs. Assembly; Miami...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 053, No. 36 (Mar. 5, 1929)'

    • 'Vol. 53, No. 36'
    • 1929-03-05
    • 'Seventeen Elected To Phi Beta Kappa, Four Juniors Thirteen Seniors Honored; French Scholar To Speak At Assembly Thursday Morning; Dr. Upham Delivers Speech In Hamilton; Tom Sharkey's Record May Be Threatened In Coming Track Season By Big Red...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 053, No. 40 (Mar. 18, 1929)'

    • 'Vol. 53, No. 40'
    • 1929-03-18
    • Russian Music To Feature Spring Concert Of Glee Club In Benton; Fred C. Black To Talk At Delta Sigma Pi- Kiwanis Club Banquet; Noted Psychologist To Deliver Address; Two Big Reds Take Place In Indoor Track Carnival At University Of Illinois; Hahn...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 053, No. 41 (Mar. 22, 1929)'

    • 'Vol. 53, No. 41'
    • 1929-03-22
    • 'Joint Finance Committee Recommends New Gym Appropriations For Miami; ''Rival Schools Of Psychology'' To Be Topic Of Duke Prof.; Harry Wilsey Signs To Play At Sr. Ball; Bishop-Hepburn Game To Feature Women's Indoor Meet Saturday; Prof. Joyner Gets...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 053, No. 43 (Apr. 12, 1929)'

    • 'Vol. 53, No. 43'
    • 1929-04-12
    • 'Miami Gets 588,863 From Legislature; Harry Wilsey's Band To Furnish Music; Dean Dale Leaves On Speaking Tour; John Mee Elected President of Y. M.; Miami Math Prof. Busy At Research; Prof. Christofferson Conference Speaker; Pittser Has Fine Record...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 053, No. 46 (Apr. 23, 1929)'

    • 'Vol. 53, No. 46'
    • 1929-04-23
    • 'William Emerson Harper's One Hundred Association To Hold Banquet Friday; Prof. Fanning Speaks On ''Art In Pilgrim Shrines'' At Lecture; Dr. Upham Addresses Seniors Of Scott High School, Toledo; Dean Dale Finishes Ohio Speaking Tour'
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 053, No. 47 (Apr. 26, 1929)'

    • 'Vol. 53, No. 47'
    • 1929-04-26
    • 'New Education School Dean And Nine Faculty Members Appointed By Pres. Upham; Oxford Music Club Plans Reception For Jeannette Vreeland; Reserve Professor Speaks On Social Work At Assembly; ''Teaching In College And University'' New Book By Dr. Good'
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 053, No. 49 (May 3, 1929)'

    • 'Vol. 53, No. 49'
    • 1929-05-03
    • Annual Spring Elections On Tuesday; Dr. Upham Announces Recent Additions To University; Unger Appointed To 'Student' Editorship; Miami Tracksters Entered In Relay And Special Events In Relays At Columbus; Prof. Stewart Gives Lecture To Physics And...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 054, No. 07 (Oct. 15, 1929)'

    • 'Vol. 54, No. 7'
    • 1929-10-15
    • President Upham To Entertain Chest Captains At Dinner; Harry N. Clark To Be Here For Three-Day Conf.; Cashbaugh Chosen Junior Prom Head By Class President; Divinity School Dean Of Chicago U. To Give June Baccalaureate; Chemistry Professor Gets...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 054, No. 12 (Nov. 1, 1929)'

    • 'Vol. 54, No. 12'
    • 1929-11-01
    • Clark Talks At Assembly Upon Rules Of Success; Architect Given Miami Gym Plans; Miami To Play Dedication Game In Ohio U. Stadium; Dean Minnich Gives Talk Before Rotary Club Of Hamilton
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 054, No. 32 (Feb. 14, 1930)'

    • 'Vol. 54, No. 32'
    • 1930-02-14
    • Madrigal Club To Present Concert In Benton Tonight; York Received Well In Earnest Address To Benton Audience; Famous Hungarian Statesman To Talk To Miami Students; Slavin Selected To Fill Mid-Year Cast; Dr. Stark To Speak At Pre-Medic Meet; Pittser...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 054, No. 33 (Feb. 18, 1930)'

    • 'Vol. 54, No. 33'
    • 1930-02-18
    • Botany Professor To Discuss Phenomena At Pre-Medic Club; Personality Problems Discussion Theme Of Visiting Psychologist; One Of The Few Realistic Plays By O'Neill To Be Presented By Cast; Seigenthaler Ties Koterba For First In Buckeye Scoring
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 056, No. 41 (Mar. 11, 1932)'

    • 'Vol. 56, No. 41'
    • 1932-03-11
    • 'Hard Times Topic of Talk by Dean Dale; Miami, DePauw Women Debate International Debt Cancellation; 1932 Graduates to Receive New Type of Diploma; Leslie Brady Named by Phi Bete Chapter'
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 057, No. 26 (Dec. 13, 1932)'

    • 'Vol. 57, No. 26'
    • 1932-12-13
    • 'Present Depression Period Will Not End Until 1935, Possibly 1936'-Dr. Smith; Faculty Members Will Attend Conventions of Bodies During Vacation; Don Kayler to Play for Victory Ball in Cleveland; No Leadership In Present Government-N.D. Baker;'
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 059, No. 24 (Dec. 10, 1935)'

    • 'Vol. 59, No. 24'
    • 1935-12-10
    • 'Dr. E.S. Todd Explains New State Survey; DeVotos Lecture Will Not Be Stereotyped, Almy Promises; New ODK Pledges, Hop King and Queen; Assembly Will Show Foreign Xmas Customs; Jepson Sings Before Record Audience'
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 059, No. 31 (Feb. 4, 1936)'

    • 'Vol. 59, No. 31'
    • 1936-02-04
    • 'Staff Changes Announced by President; Physicist, Grad of 1928 Isolates Lithium Isotope to Produce Worlds Lightest Known Solid; Krzycki, Labor Leader, Speaks On Wednesday; NYA Students Take Charge of Classics at Hamilton YMCA; Prof. Abegglen Writes...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 059, No. 34 (Feb. 14, 1936)'

    • 'Vol. 59, No. 34'
    • 1936-02-14
    • 'Ohio Musical Groups Here for Festival on May 1, 2; Mid-Year Play is Using Cans for Ale Mugs in Rehearsals; Dr. Thompson Will Comment on News Week; W.C. Dod Develops Device to Register Pitch Mechanically; Broadcasts to Celebrate Miami Day February...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 059, No. 39 (Mar. 3, 1936)'

    • 'Vol. 59, No. 39'
    • 1936-03-03
    • Open House Plans Include Amateur Hour; Take Leads in Mid-Year Play; Prof. Gates Names Majority of Cast for If I Were King; Shearman Writes Text; Myers to Address Student Assembly Thursday Morning


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