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    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 052, No. 58 (May 29, 1928)'

    • 'Vol. 52, No. 58'
    • 1928-05-29
    • 'Miami Week To Be Event At Edgewater Park, Ohio During Middle Of June; Miami Will Give Scholarships To Worthy Freshman; Dr. Harvey Cook Has Founded Psych Prize For Miami Students; Graham-Paige Offers Under-graduate Prize; Zona Gale Man Of Wisconsin...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 057, No. 12 (Oct. 22, 1932)'

    • 'Vol. 57, No. 12 [special issue]'
    • 1932-10-22
    • Redskin Gridders Upset Ohio In Tough Battle; Miami Harriers Trounce Ball State Runners; Students To Ballot For Presidency; Press Box Pot Shots; Senate Decides On Exams Credits and Suspensions;
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 057, No. 13 (Oct. 25, 1932)'

    • 'Vol. 57, No. 13'
    • 1932-10-25
    • Gov. White Speaks At Dedication; Kratt To Speak To Organists; College Head Non-Partisan; New Education Plan at Chicago Meets with Success; Labor Secretary Forbids Foreign Students To Work; Profs To Assist Hall with Book;
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 059, No. 46 (Mar. 27, 1936)'

    • 'Vol. 59, No. 46'
    • 1936-03-27
    • 'Graduate Gets Service Award of Columbia U.; Classical Honorary to Send Delegates to Chicago Meet; Students Unfamiliar with Disciplinary Boards, Integral Part of Administrative Duty; Bundy to Feature Trumpeter, Songstress at Annual Triad; Co-Ed...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 060, No. 08 (Oct. 9, 1936)'

    • 'Vol. 60, No. 8'
    • 1936-10-09
    • 'Pep Banquet in Wells Hall Monday Night Opens Chest Annual Drive for $5,500; Two Thousand Year Old Play Booked for Artists Course; New Glee Club Men Selected; Band Has New Drum Majors; Administration Invites Dads'
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 060, No. 29 (Jan. 12, 1937)'

    • 'Vol. 60, No. 29'
    • 1937-01-12
    • 'First Semester Courses to be Offered Second Term, Registrar States; Educational Health Movie to be Given; Group to Give 'Lorna Doone'; Dean H.C. Dale Talks at First News Program; Music Department to Present Recital'
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 061, No. 20 (Nov. 24, 1937)'

    • 'Vol. 61, No. 20'
    • 1937-11-24
    • 'Independent Council Names Committees; Norman Cory Ignores Politics in Naming Ball Committees; ODK Changes Point Basis for Eligibility; Salzburg Opera Guild to Present Second Artists Series Program; Old Graduate Recalls Horse in Old Main, Geese in...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 061, No. 21 (Nov. 30, 1937)'

    • 'Vol. 61, No. 21'
    • 1937-11-30
    • 'Library Receives Latest Novel by Dr. Havighurst; Fichter Given Appointment; Observatory to be Open to Students Tuesday; New Summer Courses Added; George Elias, Soldier, to Speak at Assembly; The Green Quill to be Distributed December 2; Dean...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 061, No. 47 (Apr. 15, 1938)'

    • 'Vol. 61, No. 47'
    • 1938-04-15
    • Dailey To Play For Ball; Political Parties Announce Slates; First Miami Paper Composed By Greenhorn Scribes Of 1826; Five National Greek Organizations Founded On Campus of 'Mother Of Fraternities';
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 062, No. 11 (Oct. 18, 1938)'

    • 'Vol. 62, No. 11 [Vol. 62, No. 10]'
    • 1938-10-18
    • 'Severity, Duration, Number of Common Colds Decreased by Vaccine Given Students; Dr. Onderdonk to Give Talk, Present Movie; Great Writers Series Tickets to go on Sale; Survey Shows College Men Defend Peace; Five Outstanding Chapter Members Chosen...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 062, No. 18 (Nov. 11, 1938)'

    • 'Vol. 62, No. 18'
    • 1938-11-11
    • 'Fire Ravages Delt House This Morning; Kamal Ataturk, Turkish Ruler, Dies in Istanbul; German Nazis Burn, Loot Jewish Stores in Berlin As New Purge Starts; Delegate Chosen to Attend Important New York Meeting of Fraternity Presidents'
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 062, No. 19 (Nov. 15, 1938)'

    • 'Vol. 62, No. 19'
    • 1938-11-15
    • 'To the Polls this Very Day Trooped the Freshman Class to Help Lady Fortune Cast; A Rocket Flashing Across McGuffey Gym Saturday Eve; Before an Awe-Struck Crowd Last Night in Benton Hall Miss Edna St. Vincent Millay, Temperamental, New England...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 062, No. 40 (Feb. 24, 1939)'

    • 'Vol. 62, No. 40'
    • 1939-02-24
    • 'Queen Crowned as Bands Battle at Prom; Freshman Elect Bob Shannon Strut Chairman, Six Students Appointed To Assist Council; Yale W. Kaufman Chosen Assistant To Library Group; Picture Stately Dr. B. L. French Playing Hookey; Casey Jones Rides Again...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 062, No. 42 (Mar. 7, 1939)'

    • 'Vol. 62, No. 42'
    • 1939-03-07
    • 'Dr. Ashbaugh to Present Guidance Talk; Jupe Pluvius Fails to Spoil First Interfraternity Dance; Campus Owls to Play for Oxford College Spring Formal Saturday; Whelan Names Senior Ball Committees; New Plays, Novels Placed on Rental Shelves This...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 062, No. 47 (Mar. 24, 1939)'

    • 'Vol. 62, No. 47'
    • 1939-03-24
    • 'S-F Councilman Offers Plan To Revise Class Government; Star Trumpet Player, Band To Play In Withrow Court For Senior Dance, April 28; Barry Conrad, NBC Band To Play At Easter Ball Of Cleveland-Miami Club; Kent State Head Lectures At Banquet; Life...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 062, No. 57 (May 9, 1939)'

    • 'Vol. 62, No. 57'
    • 1939-05-09
    • 'Tenth Annual Scholarship Day Held Here; Fraternities To Take Part in Songfest; Annual Mothers Day Plans Completed By Fraternities, Sororities, Two Dormitories; Pres. A. H. Upham to Entertain New Fraternity Heads; Innovations in Sorority Rushing...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 065, No. 34 (Feb. 13, 1940)'

    • 'Vol. 65, No. 34'
    • 1940-02-13
    • Student Faculty Approves Wepman as Ball Chairman; Dean J.W. Clokey Composes Song for Broadcast; Mitchell Darling to Talk at Assembly Thursday; Dean Emerson to Speak; Dr. Stefansson Donates Three Books to Library;
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 066, No. 30 (Jan. 17, 1941)'

    • 'Vol. 66, No. 30'
    • 1941-01-17
    • Gene Krupa Contracted by Junior Prom Head; Council Deadlocked on Vote of 'The Miami Student' Policy'; CAA Boosts Flying Quota by One-Half; New Plan Adopted by Senate; President Asks Students to Report Draft Ratings;
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 066, No. 44 (Mar. 19, 1941)'

    • 'Vol. 66, No. 44'
    • 1941-03-19
    • Newly Formed Political Part To Enter Spring Election; Phi Beta Kappas To Hear Chief Justice Weygandt; Group To Hear Paul Moritz Talk On China; Allen Cruickshank To Speak Tonight; Havighurst Speaks; Miami Places Third In Butler Relays As John...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 067, No. 05 (Sept. 30, 1941)'

    • 'Vol. 67, No. 5'
    • 1941-09-30
    • 'Editor Attacks Prexy, Hides Out In Oxford; Sandefur, Shideler Attend ODK Meet; Lieutenant Kumjorn Gesticulates To Express Love Of University; Philip Morris To Sponsor Game Contest; Coach Rider Uses NYA Man To Check Past Of 'M' Club'
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 067, No. 07 (Oct. 7, 1941)'

    • 'Vol. 67, No. 7'
    • 1941-10-07
    • 'Ernest Lindley, Rhodes Scholar, To Interpret World Situation Friday; Bishop, Canright To Head Homecoming Celebration; Student - Faculty Elects Wheeler As Vice-Chairman; Enrollment Decrease Verified; George Rung, '40, Reports To Navy For Active...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 067, No. 17 (Nov. 11, 1941)'

    • 'Vol. 67, No. 17'
    • 1941-11-11
    • 'To Show Colored Movies; Fewer Blue Books, Scratch Pads! Paper Shortage Reported By OPM; University Professors Begin Defense Courses in Dayton; Byrd Expedition Begins Work at Local Office; CPT Program To Be Revised at Semester;'
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 067, No. 21 (Nov. 28, 1941)'

    • 'Vol. 67, No. 21'
    • 1941-11-28
    • Prominent Speakers Open Religion-In-Life Program; F.A. Wade to Show Byrd Film; Concert Violinist Likes U.S. Boogie-Woogie; Mary Janet Hayes to Sing Over WLW As Guest Artist; Ten Best Living American Poets to be Chosen by Nation-wide Poll; G.R....
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 067, No. 23 (Dec. 5, 1941)'

    • 'Vol. 67, No. 23'
    • 1941-12-05
    • 'King Henry Cast Chosen, Kimble, Kocsany Selected to Play Leads; Bureau to Reduce NYA Funds; Vocational Conference To Be Held; Don Bestor's Orchestra to Play for Hop Tonight; Pederson Starts As Instructor of Speech, To Direct Towers Plays; Mrs....
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 067, No. 48 (Apr. 10, 1942)'

    • 'Vol. 67, No. 48'
    • 1942-04-10
    • 'Parts Cast for Benton Production; Tickets to go on Sale Soon, Charlie Barnett- Nation's Top Sax Man- To Play at Senior Ball on April 24 in Withrow; 'Pretzel Five' Leader to Swing out for Ball; Dr. Nef to Speak at Lecture Series; Navy Contracts to...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 067, No. 52 (Apr. 24, 1942)'

    • 'Vol. 67, No. 52'
    • 1942-04-24
    • Gordon's Band Signed to Play at Miami Triad; Schaeffer to Conduct Own Score; Towers Play Cast Chosen by Miss Flood; Bill Foote Elected; Miami Trackmen to Run at Iowa at Drake Relays; Dr. Lionel Marks to Give Lecture
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 067, No. 53 (Apr. 28, 1942)'

    • 'Vol. 67, No. 53'
    • 1942-04-28
    • Council Approves New Regulations; Complete Cabinet Named by Elliot; R.G. Hood to Talk; Triad Dance to be Held Saturday in Herron; Jean Bishop Heads State Association of Home Ec Club; Lionel S. Marks Speaks on Power
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 067, No. 56 (May 8, 1942)'

    • 'Vol. 67, No. 56'
    • 1942-05-08
    • 'Fraternities, Sororities Plan Events for Mothers; Drum Majorette Ann Lum Wins Annual Posture Contest Title; Red Nine Out to Repeat Victory Over Wilmington; Undefeated Hurons Invade Oxford Tomorrow;'
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 068, No. 02 (Sept. 18, 1942)'

    • 'Vol. 68, No. 2'
    • 1942-09-18
    • 'Teacher, Former Students Reported Victims Of War; Albers, Pease Win Phi Beta Award; Prof. S. A. Switzer Appointed Captain; J. K. Dill Promoted; Van Voorhis To Arrange Fall Softball Intramurals Monday'
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 068, No. 08 (Oct. 9, 1942)'

    • 'Vol. 68, No. 8'
    • 1942-10-09
    • Redskin Warriors Prepare For Kent State Game; Swarthout To Demonstrate New Idea In Concert Music; Town's First USO Clubroom To Hold Opening Tomorrow; Naval Training Station Gridders Journey To DePauw Tomorrow
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 068, No. 26 (Dec. 15, 1942)'

    • 'Vol. 68, No. 26'
    • 1942-12-15
    • Quintet To Meet Wilmington At Withrow Court; Reserve Report From Washington Discloses Status; Senate Discusses Educational Policy At Second Forum; Dean J.J. Mickle Speaks On Japan; Withdrawal Problems Puzzling Students Solved By Dean Glos; Kreger...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 068 No. 48 (Apr. 16, 1943)'

    • Vol. 68 No. 48
    • 1943-04-16
    • 'Five Men Reinstated by Council; Dorothy Meyer, Myron Ells Named Recensio Editorial, Business Heads; Leads Announced for Spring Play, Long, Parker Given Roles in Year's Last Production, Keefer, Eagelson Named; Bond Head Asks Increase in Loan Drive;...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 069, No. 06 (Oct. 22, 1943)'

    • 'Vol. 69, No. 6'
    • 1943-10-22
    • Culbertson to Outline Plan for World Peace; Private Collection Of Naval History Display in Library; Boynton Succeeds Lieutenant Lill; Trainees to Get on the Beam as Navy NSD5 Hits Air Waves; Who's Who List Includes 16 Students; H.C. Cristofferson...


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