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    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 002, No. 01 (Sept. 24, 1867)'

    • 'Vol. 2, No. 1'
    • 1867-09-24
    • Match Game; The Pacific Railroad; Patronize Those who Patronize You; Ancient Civilization in America; Sacred Relics; Human Greatness; The Literary Societies; Dr. Stanton's Inaugural Address; Wine Parties; Regulations for the Library; Nature How it...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 003, No. 08 (May 27, 1869)'

    • 'Vol. 3, No. 8'
    • 1869-05-27
    • My Queen; The Aurora of the Fifteenth of April; Spring Beauty; Common Errors of Students in Regard to Exercise; Reading; Chicago Equatorial Telescope; The River of Time; Sportive Collegians; Letter From the O.F.C.; The Press; Hints; The Class of...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 010, No. 03 (Dec., 1890)'

    • 'Vol. 10, No. 3'
    • 1890-12
    • Lack of Cloak Room Accommodation in the Library Room; Hesperian; Influence of College Literary Societies; Robert Browning; A Reminiscence; Ching and Chung; The Societies; Locals; W.F. Seminary Items; Exchanges; Intercollegiate; Alumni; Necrology
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 010, No. 06 (Mar., 1891)'

    • 'Vol. 10, No. 6'
    • 1891-03
    • Warfield Invited to be President of Lafayette College; Construction of the Natural Science Building; Appropriation from the State Legislature; The Life of Professor R.H. Bishop; The Societies; Locals; W.F. Seminary Items; Exchanges
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 012, No. 06 (Apr., 1893)'

    • 'Vol. 12, No. 6'
    • 1893-04
    • Student Misbehavior; Book Published by Henry Hold and Company; C.R. Rankin; Baseball Team; The Western Christian Advocate; Prolegomena to a Science of Religions; Western Female Seminary; Teachers Association
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 013, No. 04 (Jan., 1894)'

    • 'Vol. 13, No. 4'
    • 1894-01
    • 'Visit from the Finance Committee of the State Legislature; Recensio to be Published; The Dialectic Club; President Thompson Comments on Students Misconduct During Religious Services; Mr. C.T. Rankin; Lecture by O.T. Corson, State School...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 014, No. 02 (Nov., 1894)'

    • 'Vol. 14, No. 2'
    • 1894-11
    • No Football Games Yet This Year; Miami's Yell; Athletic Association Considering Starting a Gymnasium; Miami Union; Erodelphian; Y.M.C.A. Notes; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Beta Theta Pi; Sigma Chi; Phi Delta Theta; Local; Intercollegiate; Exchange; The...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 016, No. 02 (Nov., 1896)'

    • 'Vol. 16, No. 2'
    • 1896-11
    • In the 'Appian Way'; Goettingen and a Mensur; Concerning Stephen Crane; The Western; Athletics; Miami Defeats University of Indianapolis; A Theatrical Given by the Students; Alumni; College World
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 022, No. 01 (Oct., 1902)'

    • 'Vol. 22, No. 1'
    • 1902-10
    • Greeting; A Word of Greeting from the President and Deans of the College; The State Normal at Miami University; President Benton; The Students Best Preparation for the Legal Profession; A Plea for Football; The Religious Life at Miami University;...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 024, No. 05 (Feb., 1905)'

    • 'Vol. 24, No. 5'
    • 1905-02
    • Robert White McFarland; The Herron Gymnasium; Intercollegiate Debate; Library Hours; University Notes; Day of Prayer for Colleges; Dr. Myers a Lecturer; Professor Chapman's Lecture; President Johnson's Address; Conference De M. Fortier; The...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 042, No. 05 (Oct., 18, 1917)'

    • 'Vol. 42, No. 5'
    • 1917-10-18
    • Camp Sherman is Visited by Group of Miami Professors; Instructions are Issued to Voters; Industrial Arts Association Meets Here Tomorrow; Miami-Kentucky Game Fought to Scoreless Tie at Lexington Saturday
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 042, No. 27 (Apr. 18, 1918)'

    • 'Vol. 42, No. 27'
    • 1918-04-18
    • Complete Change Takes Place Among the Leaders of Intra-Mural Baseball League; Program for Seventy-Ninth Commencement Shows Few Changes From Former Years; Denison to Debate Here Friday Night; Eighteen to Two Walk Away Victory Over Earlham Opens...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 058, No. 57 (May 17, 1935)'

    • 'Vol. 58, No. 57'
    • 1935-05-17
    • 'Spoonamore Appointed Editor of 'Student', Yeck is New Manager; Alderman To Replace Robinson As Dean Of College Of Liberal Arts; Dr. Smith To Head History Department; Humberger Crowned Queen At May Day Festivities'
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 062, No. 18 (Nov. 11, 1938)'

    • 'Vol. 62, No. 18'
    • 1938-11-11
    • 'Fire Ravages Delt House This Morning; Kamal Ataturk, Turkish Ruler, Dies in Istanbul; German Nazis Burn, Loot Jewish Stores in Berlin As New Purge Starts; Delegate Chosen to Attend Important New York Meeting of Fraternity Presidents'
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 067, No. 33 (Feb. 6, 1942)'

    • 'Vol. 67, No. 33'
    • 1942-02-06
    • 'Life, Conditions in the Philippines Described by Flor De Lys Santos; Prof. C.T. Holman to Speak Sunday; Miami Boxers Score Triumphs; Leading Men Chosen to IM All-star Squad; War Discussion Groups Organized for Students'
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 073, No. 30 (Jan. 20, 1948)'

    • 'Vol. 73, No. 30'
    • 1948-01-20
    • 'US Law Schools Sooperate in Developing Admission Test; Hahne Announces Adjustment in Basemen Suite Room Rent; Pledges Initiated into Kappa Phi, Delta Sigma Theta; NSA Committee Members to Hold Meeting Tonight; Prof. R. C. Force Begins Army Duty as...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 076, No. 31 (Feb. 13, 1951)'

    • 'Vol. 76, No. 31'
    • 1951-02-13
    • Registration Adjustments Obtainable; Panel to Discuss Religious Beliefs in YW Meeting; Men May Sign for Active YMCA Membership Now; Seminar Meeting Planned; Les Politiques Open Meeting Announced; Folklorist John Jacob Niles Gives Insight Into...
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 076, No. 35 (Feb. 27, 1951)'

    • 'Vol. 76, No. 35'
    • 1951-02-27
    • Robert Shaw Chorale to Appear in Withrow; Richard III to Open; YMCA to Hear Policewoman from Hamilton; Versatile Trouper Hardwicke Has Major Role in Don Juan; Rubinstein to Perform in Concert Monday;
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 076, No. 38 (Mar. 9, 1951)'

    • 'Vol. 76, No. 38'
    • 1951-03-09
    • 'Women's Elections to Name Chairmen of Residence Halls; Holland Given Post as Head of Department; Quartette to Present Don Juan Monday; Professor to Lecture on Defense; ODK to Set Up Big Top in Withrow Tomorrow as Barkers, Beards Reign'
    • 'The Miami Student, Vol. 076, No. 44 (Mar. 30, 1951)'

    • 'Vol. 76, No. 44'
    • 1951-03-30
    • S-FC Okays Suggestions for Betterment of YM; Women Must Pay Deposits by April 12; ODK to Distribute Application Blanks; Phi Beta Kappa Plans Initiation with Speaker; Chairmen Named for Senior Ball Assistants Listed
    • The Miami Student, Vol. 077, No. 39 (Mar. 7, 1952)

    • Vol. 77, No. 39
    • 1952-03-07
    • Y Elects McNiff, Talbert to Head Cabinet Positions; High School Ys to Send Delegates Here; Delta Kappa Epsilon Reaches 100 Year Mark, Plans Celebration; ODK Ticket Sales Begin, Themes Listed; Fisher Announces Alethenoi Deadline for Poetry Entries
    • The Miami Student, Vol. 077, No. 44 (Mar. 25, 1952)

    • Vol. 77, No. 44
    • 1952-03-25
    • Dimmers, Hopper to Run for Highest Post in Y Elections; Summer Set for Completion of Natatorium; English Contest Entries Due by Saturday; Drama Group to Produce One-Act Play; Red Cross Drive to End this Week
    • The Miami Student, Vol. 079, No. 33 (Feb. 12, 1954)

    • Vol. 79, No. 33
    • 1954-02-12
    • University Considers TV Station; Smith Wins Columbia Scholarship; Professor Mead to Play Music in Recital on Sunday; Cwens to Honor Freshman Women With Annual Teas; Johnston to Attend Advanced School; OSU Submits Petition to AEC for Atomic Reactor...
    • The Miami Student, Vol. 080, No. 26 (Dec. 17, 1954)

    • Vol. 80, No. 26
    • 1954-12-17
    • Students to Commence Preregistration for Second Semester After Vacation; Cut Rule in Effect, APhiO Emphasizes Necessity of Tags; Alpha Delts Announce Sing Theme; Mailmen Help Service Clubs to Play Santa
    • The Miami Student, Vol. 082, No. 31 (Feb. 15, 1957)

    • Vol. 82, No. 31
    • 1957-02-15
    • MU Receives Sleuth Device for Research; President Expects Senate Backing; Large Cast to Appear in Macbeth; Donations for Korea Mount Up; Foreign Prints Now Available for Purchase; Sukosal Act to Enlarge ACMS Cast
    • The Miami Student, Vol. 085, No. 01 (Sep. 20, 1960)

    • Vol. 85, No. 1 [1960]
    • 1960-09-20
    • Miami U. Swimmer Realizes Gold Medal Dream; Millet Warns Against Slack as Enrollment Hits New Peak; Ray was Sure Mulliken would Win Gold Medal; New Miami Replaces Old; Frosh in First Drills as Cozza Looks for Future Redskin Great
    • The Miami Student, Vol. 085, No. 08 (Oct. 14, 1960)

    • Vol. 85, No. 8 [1960]
    • 1960-10-14
    • Nixon, Kennedy Face Nation in Third Debate; Herberg to Lecture in Laws; Khrushchev Dominates UN Debates; Dean Conducts Pre-Law Classes; S. Berman to Appear in Cincinnati Sunday; Dr. Kaufman Opens Series to MIA Group
    • The Miami Student, Vol. 085, No. 23 (Dec. 13, 1960)

    • Vol. 85, No. 23 [1960]
    • 1960-12-13
    • Knebel to Speak on New Frontiers; Miller Advises Studies Abroad; Panel Members Discuss Africa in MIA Meeting; Prof. Wickenden Writes Book, Compliation of Shorter Articles Intends Guidance for Students; Prof. Wright Receives Response for Edition;...
    • The Miami Student, Vol. 085, No. 42 (Apr. 13, 1962)

    • Vol. 85, No. 42 [1962]
    • 1962-04-13
    • Danforth Series Considers Religions Place in Society; Lekvold Conducts Band, Suite Makes Premiere; Happy Tunes Whistled in Siamese Spectacular; Heckert Tells Students of Career Opportunities
    • The Miami Student, Vol. 086, No. 17 (Nov. 16, 1962)

    • Vol. 86, No. 17
    • 1962-11-16
    • Concert Dancer Interprets New Contemporary Dances; Taylor Plays Lead in MU Theatre Offering of Modern Biblical Story; Clubs Debate Governments Economic Role; Ox Bowl Pits Fraternity Stars Against Freshman Champions; Undeclared Indian War Continues


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