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Curriculum Guides

The Mississippi Freedom Summer Curriculum Guide and Lesson Plans within the collection are designed to assist elementary, middle, high school and secondary teachers who instruct in such disciplines as social studies, history, anthropology, jurisprudence, ethics, photography, print journalism, religion, media studies, psychology, women's studies, African-American studies, art, music and education.


The materials within the collection focus on the Mississippi Freedom Summer Project and Ohio's involvement within the Civil Rights Movement at Western College for Women in Oxford, Ohio. The plans, allow teachers to incorporate the study of civil rights and human rights where appropriate across the curriculum.

Lesson Plans (PDF files)

First Grade
Second-Third Grades
Second-Adult *
Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade
Sixth-Eighth Grades
Ninth-Tenth Grades
Tenth Grade
Eleventh, Twelfth & College Levels
Adult Level
College & University Levels